Bells and Whistles specializes in creating comfortable elegance for your everyday living experience. Our name suggests that we can help You have it all!  


We offer you Home Furnishing, Staging and Unique Lighting options with finishing touches including Home Decor, Rugs, Wall Art and Custom Acrylic Paintings. I can also assist you in your flooring options.  Shopping in the Dallas Design District allows Bells and Whistles to offer you all this along with Boutique Clothing selected from runway shows and unique and trendy Fashion Jewelry.


We believe you can pull in the cherished heirlooms from yesteryear and still achieve your clean-lined living of contemporary comfort and elegance that you enjoy.  It’s like wearing your softest, most comfortable jeans (the ones you’ll never part with) and dressing them up with stunning heals and jewelry. We believe you should Love Your Home Environment and let your look represent You!


Bells and Whistles is available to bring the Boutique atmosphere to your next Event; Home Party or Restaurant.  For information and reservations, complete the “Contact Me” form on this website.


We look forward to the honor of working with you.


Interior Design Projects
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